How does it work?

Using bright, precision manufactured, sturdy cardboard shapes and elastic bands supplied in the GeoGenius Construction Kit, it is possible to assemble an enormously wide range of objects, in a fun way, quickly and easily.

It is believed that those children whose geometric thinking is nurtured from an early age, through exploration and investigation using materials such as those in the GeoGenius Kit, are better able to understand mathematics in general and spatial relationships in particular.

Its as easy as 1 + 2 = 3!

The GeoGenius kits come complete with an accompanying instruction booklet, giving tips on how to build the objects (polyhedra) and a number of ideas and suggestions on how the kits can be used in the study of geometry.

Additionally, the Kit comes with the requisite amount of elastic bands.

Also available are planned activities, perfect for Mums and Dads at home or for use in the classroom.► Click here to go to the Activities Page

Spatial understanding contributes to:
• The development of Mathematics
• An appreciation of aesthetics
• An understanding of science
• Reasoning in a deductive manner

GeoGenius History

GeoGenius’ history began in 2004 with teacher and educationalist Aarnout Brombacher.

Aarnout has accumulated extensive expertise on how geometry stimulates a child’s development.

He developed the GeoGenius Construction Kit because he believes for children, geometry begins with play.

A GeoGenius Construction Kit is not only educational, it’s also a joy to play with.

The Kit gives children the chance to learn the properties of shapes and objects while at play, additionally enjoying the beauty of their own creations.

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